What is your visualisation block?

Sometimes, I write and speak about the power of visualisation. Visualisation is seeing the future, how it plays out and what the end result is with the expectation of manifestation. I stress how important it is to know the end result and understand how that end result impacts your senses. See, smell, taste, hear and feel what you want, believe and have faith in the outcome. We do this in the hope of manifesting something wonderful. However, too often, we are our own barrier.

Visualisation is important but fear is the biggest barrier to visualisation.

We are often driven by fear. As much as we want the positive outcome, if we fear something, it will stand in the way. The Law of Attraction will attract the fear because negative feelings and energy are a stronger force than positive energies and feelings.


Fear is a feeling or scenario that we create – it is based on a fictitious scenario conjured up in our minds.

For me, my fear was the children waking in the morning to find me slaughtered in the living room. My solution was to create a routine of locking a door half way in the house to the hallway which separated the bedrooms from the living rooms. If I was locking the door out of fear, then I was manifesting the wrong thing. By creating a routine, I was simply creating a set of actions before I went to sleep which was ‘lock the door, teeth, toilet, check on the kids and bed.’

After I moved homes, my next fear was waking in the morning to find my ex-spouse dead or incapacitated on our front lawn. To this, I used to check the security camera monitoring screen for any anomalies, turn it off then open the front door. This way, I knew how to proceed for the morning. Slowly and over time, this became less and less fear based and more and more routine… in fact, sometimes, I don’t even look into the screen before turning it off.

My fears haven’t been realised and they haven’t come to fruition (thank goodness)! For some people, the more desperately they want something, the more that they focus on “it” and the greater the fear can be around obtaining it (or not obtaining it). The pressure of getting there and reaching that vision can be too much that our fear steps in and takes it away.

For some people, focusing on what we want and getting to the ‘end destination’ can be too much and our negative feelings (or blocks) step in and ensure that our lower vibrations take over and ‘win.’

Murphy’s Law says if you break the rules, you will be caught. The Law of Attraction has its own negative side and it is called the Law of Paradoxical Intent. This means that the more that you want something, particularly when it is out of desperation, the more likely you are to repel your desires.

Creating routines and a smoother, more positive path towards our desired end result is an important step to ensuring that our dreams and visions become the reality. Regularly exercising gratitude for what you currently have in your life is another wonderful way to ensure that desperation is kept at bay and the basis of your visualisation


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