The birth of an Idea

Challenges are actually opportunities in disguise

My name is Rachael. It was the evening of June 7, 2012 and I was faced with the end of my marriage. I had two very young children, no income and looking at a difficult future. It was the most emotionally confronting and overwhelming time of my life. I had to try to stay strong for the children while inside I was breaking down. This isn’t an uncommon story.


After 5 years in the courts and using the lessons and challenges that I faced, was founded. Divorce Answered is designed for men and women offering tips and resources so that you can navigate your separation and divorce with more ease and cost efficiency than I did. As our parents used to say “learn from the mistakes of others”. As such, Divorce Answered is created for you to learn from my mistakes, trials and lessons while supporting, empowering and guiding you through from break-up to creating your new life chapter. There are a number of products designed exclusively for Divorce Answered (Separation Checklist, Separation Statement, Parenting Plan, Binding Child Support Agreement, E-books and more under construction), which fill the gaps in the divorce process. These items are all unique saving you time, money and emotional energy.

Today, I am a counsellor and separation strategist. I support individuals and families with 1:1 strategy sessions, online resources and break-up course (launching 2022).

The Ultimate Motivation

I hope Divorce Answered helps you make the most informed decisions possible during a time of heightened emotions and stress, so you can continue connecting and loving your family and living life. I look forward to hearing your story, what you liked and any questions you may have. All the best!

Where to go from here...

From one divorcee to another, please ensure that you are using your time, money and energy in the most efficient way possible. Divorce Answered fills the gaps between information available and what your lawyer can provide so that you are resource rich and living life to the fullest!