Separation Statement

The Separation Statement allows you to save valuable time and money at your first appointment with a family lawyer. Simply sign up, fill out the form following the prompts and take your Separation Statement with you to your initial consultation with your lawyer. You can only benefit from affording yourself the extra time to discuss your concerns or establish some strategy regarding your situation. Many people spend over an hour conveying the details of the union, the separation statement costs only a fraction of an hour with your lawyer and offers time for you to get advice and strategy as needed.

Save Time

Don't pay for an information gathering appointment, present the information to them so you can tackle the questions and concerns that you really want addressed.

Save Money

By using the Separation Statement with your lawyer, you could save between $400-$600 at your first appointment and it helps towards forming your Affidavit.

Communication Efficiency

The most efficient way of telling your message/story to your lawyer is in written form. This document presents your story in a succinct manner and guides you through what your lawyer will want to know.

The savings are endless and the benefits are great

You can save lots of time, save loads of money and tell your story in the most efficient way possible. Download your Separation Statement now.

Don’t waste time or pay more than you need to at your initial appointment

Most people take between 60 to 90 minutes to tell their story when questioned by their lawyer – which can cost between $350 – $1000. The Separation Statement allows you to present the full story clearly, succinctly and accurately to your lawyer for a fraction of the cost of a lawyer extracting it from you.

Lawyers are busy. Get a jump start

When your lawyer has all of the relevant information presented to them, they can quickly scan through the information and work out what is relevant and what they need to know more about. This means that when discussing your concerns and questions, you will receive more accurate initial advice and directions.

Create a headstart on your Affidavit

Be in control of what you add and when. You can keep adding to your Separation Statement with new details as they present. This will assist you and your lawyer when it comes time to create your affidavit. An affidavit can take your lawyer many hours to create and compile. The further savings that the Separation Statement offers is invaluable.

Securely stored and accessible anytime

Divorce Answered stores your document online and within your Client Access Area. You won't need to worry about someone finding your information on your computer or lying around the house. Print as many copies of your Separation Statement anytime you want to.

Praise for the Separation Statement

AB, Geelong "I am on a budget and I am grateful that the statement stopped me from telling too many stories. It gave my appointment structure and kept it on track."

JG, New Farm "While the separation statement is detailed and thorough, it allowed me to be equally as specific. I will be sure to keep this up to date!"

Working alongside your lawyer is the best way to save and have the leading edge with professional advice

Don't miss your opportunity to save time, money and tell your story in the most efficient way possible. Download your Separation Statement today.