Valentine's Day: Be your own Valentine on February 14


Valentine’s Day is notoriously a day of celebrating love. Perhaps it’s time to look at the people that you typically put on the ‘pedestal of love’ on February 14. This year, it’s worthy of celebrating someone very close to you, closer than your love interest or partner – you may already know this person or need to get to know them better…

Valentine’s Day. Love it, loathe it or tolerate it. It is a day that can incite strong feelings in different people. If you have left a terrible relationship, you may be looking forward to having an un-hinged 14th of February. If you aren’t in a committed relationship, finding that special someone to celebrate or celebrate with can be stressful. Equally, you may be in a relationship and feel like it is a struggle to celebrate your partner when you feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied with them. Some people may want to hide away and others may wish to be sociable and open to dating. This year, let’s look at the current relationships in your life and with yourself.

If you want to keep meeting the same types of people that you had previously been with or continuing an unhelpful relationship cycle, keep doing what you are currently doing. But, if you want something different, then, you need to try or do something different.

In a relationship, I can assume that you want to have a strong connection, vulnerability and whole-hearted love for another person. So, I ask you: do you have a strong connection, vulnerability and whole-hearted love for yourself? When you feel whole and complete, then you will be in a better place to meet your equal.

Valentine’s Day is a great day to start something new. This year, I encourage you to start an activity that may seem a little strange and can have a lasting positive influence on you. Typically, the card manufacturers make significant sales of Valentine’s Day cards and, following the societal norm, you may pour your heart out with love and devotion (and sometimes glorifying) to your love interest on one of these cards.

This year, I challenge you to celebrate the love that you have for yourself.

Instead of showering love on another person, have you considered showering the same love upon yourself? Tell yourself how great you are, what qualities you like in yourself and how you enjoy doing the things that help you to recharge and feel fulfilled.

Whether you are single, coupled or have someone special, you can be your own Valentine. Buy a card that makes your heart soar (and it doesn’t have to be a Valentine’s Day card either) or write on stock that is appealing to your eye and then write the note of blessings, gratitude, appreciation and love to yourself.

It may sound strange to write a letter of love to you. Who better to put your energy and effort into than yourself? You are important, you are loved and you are unique; It’s these qualities that you tend to celebrate in other people (especially your love interest) and it’s also these qualities that are especially essential for you to celebrate in yourself.

Meeting your own needs and giving to yourself isn’t a selfish act – sometimes it is an act of necessity and preservation. It can be really beneficial to slow down, be grateful, appreciate who you are and highlight what you like about yourself as you say “Happy Valentine’s Day to me, myself and I”


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