"Knowledge is Power". Strengthen your position with the 'how to best separate:' e-book series

You have the power to get the knowledge. Throughout your divorce process, you will need to help yourself by being armed with as much relevant information as possible. Below is the growing range of E-books by Divorce Answered. They are incredibly detailed and offer a plethora of information for your consideration and at times are prescriptive. Use these books as a guide or suggested discussion topics for you and your lawyer.

Educate yourself

Knowing to navigate through divorce is difficult because every divorce is different. Divorce Answered has created a series of E-Books to help you navigate your way through particular divorce situations with tips, tricks and things to consider. Enjoy the confidence the comes with knowledge.

Drive your divorce

Once you have all of your tips, tricks and considerations, you will know what you should be asking your lawyer for or investigating (yourself) the appropriateness of particular suggestions. Then you can take appropriate action and drive your divorce forward!

Affordably priced

For many, when newly separated, finances can be tight or uncertain. The e-books have been priced at a small figure to ensure affordability for everyone without compromising the quality of the information contained within them. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

how to best separate: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

Relationships ending due to domestic violence issues is on the rise. There are particular items to consider and navigate when dealing with domestic violence and it is a must read with a section for contacts/assistance.

how to best separate: MENTAL HEALTH

If you are separating from someone with mental health concerns, please understand that it isn't your fault and nothing you do will change the situation. If you find yourself planning separation or when you are separating, the Mental Health e-book offers considerations, guides and suggestions to better navigate your separation.

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Everyday Mindfulness and Gratitude During Divorce

An attitude of gratitude helps you to appreciate what you have. Focusing on what you have, finding your centre, balance and peace will help you to navigate your divorce with a better perspective and be a better friend, partner (or ex-partner) and parent.

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The 15 Biggest Mistakes Made in Divorce

Some people learn by 'trail and error,' whereas others like to learn from another person's mistakes. This e-book details the 15 biggest mistakes that people make while divorcing and throughout separation. Take the head-start and make sure that you avoid these common errors.

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Want to know more?

Divorce Answered is releasing further e-books in the "how to best separate:" series in the near future.