Separation Checklist

If you are planning to separate or newly separated, you can outsource some of your thinking to the Separation Checklist. This comprehensive list gives you a thorough list of considerations and items that may need addressing or compiling.

The Separation Checklist allows you to have considered and gathered the relevant documents or items that are pertinent to your divorce. It allows you to be organised and prepared which means that throughout the separation process, you will save lots of time and money.

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Don't wait for a lawyer to tell you what you need or should be doing. Save time and money with this complimentary, interactive and comprehensive online Checklist.

Safe & Secure

By gathering the relevant documents and completing certain considerations, you will be more organised and better prepared throughout the divorce process. The Checklist is stored online securely, for your eyes only.

Preparation & Stability

Separating is stressful and trying to remember what you need is hard! The Checklist helps you to be as prepared as possible during a time of heightened emotions.

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Creating Order & Clarity To Your Separation

Whether you are newly separated or if you are planning for a separation, the Divorce Answered Separation Checklist is incredibly comprehensive and kept safe online. In a simple, interactive form, the Checklist features many items for you to do, documentation to gather and things to consider. This checklist helps to bring order to your mind and your life during a period of heightened stress and emotional upheaval.

Customers love the free Separation Checklist

AB, Sydney “Awesome! Thanks for the list – without it, I would have missed heaps of things"

JW, Brisbane "I wish this Checklist was around when I separated. My ex kept our documentation which meant I couldn’t apply for a divorce without first having to apply and pay for replacement documents."

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