A solution for the single parent without a love interest this Valentine's Day

Rachael Scharrer, divorce and relationship expert and separation strategist, shares a solution for Valentine’s Day for those who are single or single parents without a love interest.

14 February is better known as Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, it is a day when cards and flowers are sent to a person one is attracted to or involved with. It is also a day that some people feel lonely, alone and left-out when they don’t have a partner or love interest to celebrate with. Which makes me wonder, why do we have to celebrate a love interest or heart-throb? Why can’t we celebrate our collective singledom? Here is your Valentine’s Day solution to the very single, independent divorcees and parents.

Single people know another single people. Many single parents find solace and support in a fellow single parent. One divorcee finds kindship in the common experiences of another divorcee. This year for Valentine’s Day, in the absence of a significant other or flame, you might like to lift the spirits of a fellow single person or single parent and recognise them by:

  1. Writing a letter recognising and commending your friend on their strength and bravery
  2. Taking your friend for a picnic or enjoy a take-away meal and favourite movie on the lounge
  3. Leaving your friend a small gift or gesture at their home – pick flowers, bake them a treat, give a potted plant
  4. Giving your friend a massage (be it by voucher or do it yourself)
  5. Buying your friend a tumbled crystal. You might like to consider Rhodonite (the crystal of emotional healing, love, connectedness and insight) or rose quartz (the crystal that activates your heart chakra and opens you to love)

Some say “friends are the family that you choose.” The effort that you put into lifting up your friend, helping them to feel loved, stronger and supported will be returned to you many times over in gratitude, appreciation and support in kind.

You don’t need a boy/girlfriend, partner, spouse, special interest or flame to complete you. Great friends are just as special and important as having a significant other. You are perfect and complete just the way that you are!


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