Top 10 Things To Do For You When Divorcing

  1. Start a gratitude journal. Learn to be mindful of the little things. Celebrate the small wins for you, your friends and family without jealousy,
  2. Get a hobby, find your passion or study. Your friends will tire of hearing all about your divorce and children. Finding a new activity, will help make you personally fulfilled and give you something more interesting to discuss.
  3. Make new family memories and traditions. These don’t need to be expensive. It could be building sandcastles in winter, eating dinner together without electronic devices, having family exercise time, painting canvases, gardening or movie and popcorn nights.
  4. Keep positive and laugh. If you don’t find humour in challenging things, then you will cry. Try to find the lighter, more positive side to every situation.
  5. Take time to enjoy, connect and love your children. When I first separated, I became obsessed with having a clean house. It was as if I was saying to the world “I am coping”. However, I was cleaning at the expense of spending time with my children. Don’t worry about washing up or vacuuming all of the time, let the house get a little messy. The most important thing is that you connect, love and laugh with your children and loved ones regularly throughout the day.
  6. Meditate and reconnect with the real you. Grounding and realigning yourself through meditation will help make you a happier person and a person that is more patient and tolerant.
  7. Remove items around the house that remind you of your ex-partner. For me it was the lounge. Every time I saw the lounge, I saw a worn out, grubby lounge which was ruined by my ex-partner. It made me angry. The day that I replaced the lounge, a whole new feeling overcame me and the energy throughout the house shifted.
  8. De-cluttter the house and make it your dream home. Rearrange the furniture and reclaim house to make it feel like yours again. You will be amazed how changing a few small things will make you feel.
  9. Review your resume. Your financial circumstances will be different now that you are separated and you may need to go back to work.
  10. Make af-FORM-ations throughout the day. One of the biggest and best lessons I learned from my life coach was to break up the day and plan to have fun, creating enjoyment in every part of the day.


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