To my Dad going through divorce

Some children live with their father, other children only get to spend time with them. With a generalised view, many fathers become the spend-time with parent (or non primary parent). The changes in the family unit, especially when not seeing their child on a daily basis becomes debilitating. Many parents easily slide into depression, some contemplate leaving the child’s life forever.

Before you make any big decisions, remember… the future you will thank you for all of the effort that you put in today. Your child will thank you for remaining involved in their life.

Some words of encouragement in the video script below:

Dear Dad, I understand that it is hard for you at the moment. We all deserve to be happy. I get that you are divorcing … but I am too.

My life has also changed. I have to share my time between two homes, two parents and two routines.

You may not realise it now, but I do need you. I need you to show up. I want to hear your stories. I want to learn from you. I also want to share with you.

I don’t need you to be my best friend … I just need you, Dad. Please don’t give up on me.

With love from Your child


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