Separation + Work = Financial Independence

For many individuals, separation means that they need to seek employment and be financially independent. This can be scary if you haven’t worked in a number of years (or in some cases, decades). Technology has progressed quickly and dramatically and the workforce is ever changing. Rachael Scharrer, divorce expert and founder of shares some tips for returning to work after separation which creates some financial independence.

In many situations of separation, people use money to hurt their ex-spouse. One spouse threatens to stop paying money for private schools, threatens not to pay the rent or mortgage, threatens not to pay spousal maintenance or to bury their partner in legal fees which is absolutely unacceptable. It leaves many people wishing for their financial independence, even though this financial freedom may not be as comfortable as it was in the marriage, there is a sense of security knowing that you are in charge of what you spend, where and how.

Unfortunately, you can’t control what your ex-partner does. However, you can control how you allow it to affect you. You need to let the horrible words you hear, be like water off a duck’s back (much harder said than done). Keep a positive attitude.

From my experience and from what friends have experienced, the threats are just threats. Rarely does the person holding the purse strings follow through and withhold money for education, housing or anything to the detriment of their children. Having said this, don’t get cocky because it might just happen. You need to get smart!

If you really want the financial threats to stop affecting you, you need to be FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT! Here is how:

  1. Update your resume
  2. Do some short courses and update/refresh your skills
  3. Talk with friends about your desire to get back into the workforce. Your friends may have other friends with a suitable role and may be able to recommend you.
  4. Practice your interview skills.
  5. Get your resume online, look at job ads and list with recruitment agencies.
  6. Arrange your financial settlement and make it a Court Order. This way, you can agree to minimum or greater child support, agree who pays what percentage of school fees and plan alternatives if certain fees are not met. (The Divorce Answered Resources offer some free and cost effective items to assist)

When you start searching for recruitment agencies, you may be surprised to see how many businesses are tailoring services to parents that are only available to work while the children are at school. Part time jobs, reduced daily hours, temporary, work from home options and more are out there waiting for your application.

I was surprised to find a few recruitment agencies, has realised seen the opportunity in the market and filled the hole. The other website that also caters to mothers with professional degrees is, and

Seize the day and see what opportunities there are for you returning to work or find a role that better suits your newest life chapter.

The Divorce Answered Budget Tool will allow you to work out how much you spend and how much you need to earn to cover those expenses. If you earn a limited amount, then the Budget Tool will allow you to allocate your expenses until it balances

The Divorce Answered Binding Child Support Agreement offers a sense of security knowing your financial responsibilities when it comes to the children and their expenses. It allows you to agree with the child’s parent upfront “who pays for what” and saves any ongoing disagreements or angst around children’s costs


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