How a parenting plan facilitator can help you reach agreement


There are so many areas to disagree and be difficult in divorce. Finding ways to settle your parenting arrangements quickly, with minimal stress and without escalating fees is in the best interest of both parents and your child. Some couples aren’t capable of creating a parenting agreement on their own without support. The newest wave of plan creations now includes a Parenting Plan Facilitator.

Some challenges that parents face are:

  1. They want to find a way to reach a parenting resolution without going to court because these parents know that going to court will only make them dislike each other more.
  2. Many parents try to create their own plans and struggle with the terminology to use and the clauses to include.
  3. The parents agree of most aspects of their parenting arrangements and need help formalising their agreement and finding solutions to their areas of parenting discord
  4. Some parents can’t agree on certain aspects of their parenting plan and are unable to past the sticking-points.

There are multiple ways of reaching parenting agreements. You could:

  1. Utilise professional services. Taking the legal route using lawyers and perhaps the court to reach an agreement. This is quite a drawn-out and cost intensive process.
  2. Try completing it solo. Trying to create a parenting plan on your own (with or without your child’s other parent)
  3. Using a click-the-clause parenting plan resource. Depending on how amicable you and your child’s other parent are and how well you can compromise and communicate, together you could work through the Divorce Answered Parenting Plan together. It’s a simple click-the-clause parenting plan which also allows you to also create your own clauses. If you choose to, you lodge it at court and have it made into an Order.
  4. Utilising a Parenting Plan Facilitator. Some couples want to have a guiding hand Couples that consciously want to find an amicable way of creating a parenting plan can benefit from utilising the support of a Parenting Plan Facilitator.

What is a Parenting Plan Facilitator? A Parenting Plan Facilitator’s role is not to pass judgement or blame. They are a neutral party that helps to guide the conversation, similar to mediation and counselling, to reach an understanding and mutual agreement with a plan that is in the best interest of their child.

The process of creating a parenting plan with a Parenting Plan Facilitator involves working out what priorities each parent has, what their needs and routines are, areas to work on and compromise, finding options and alternatives for the areas to work on and reaching an agreement for a trial period or to lodge at court by consent.

Note: it is strongly recommended that all parenting plans are lodged at court by consent to make them binding (or turned into an Order). When your parenting plan becomes an Order, you can change or update it when your family’s circumstances change.

A Parenting Plan Facilitator can be helpful to you:

  1. If you and your child’s other parent are willing to work together to reach an agreement to the bulk of your parenting plan
  2. If you and your child’s other parent have a few areas that need additional work, discussion and negotiation
  3. If you and your child’s other parent are open to options to either trial or on-board into your agreement
  4. If you and your child’s other parent are willing to adhere to your agreed plan with a view of making it an Order

When you create a parenting plan it is imperative that it is detailed and covers as many different options as you can possibly include (within reason). An experienced Parenting Plan Facilitator can help you to create a plan that suits each parent and your child at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer and with greater ease than doing it yourself. When you have a clear understanding of your parenting responsibilities, time and abilities, your time with your child will be more enjoyable and you will be able to co-parent with less stress and uncertainty.

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To create your own plan by using the click-the-clause Parenting Plan or to learn more, click here.


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