The nicest gifts to give when your friend's relationship ends

A personal refelction from Rachael Scharrer, Divorce and relationship expert and coach, about the kindness and generosity of friends at the outset of separation. You too can offer a gift to your friend when their relationship ends and here are some suggestions …

I reflect upon my separation with so much gratitude for the thoughtful people that are in my life. I was showered with so much love, support and consideration.

When you first separate often so much is left in the “unknown” and “uncertain” piles.

There are things that you can do to make the situation a little easier for your separating friend:

  1. Gift a mindfulness meditation audio
  2. Help to create a nighttime calming ritual of loose camomile tea, special tea cup and tea strainer
  3. Skincare products to calm your friend’s stressed skin
  4. Calming and soothing scents like lavender and peace blends
  5. Gifts of new and hand-me-down clothes for the adult and children
  6. Help in the garden or assistance with chores
  7. Divide and conquer dinners and friends having play dates for the whole family (aka “Full family playdates”)
  8. Massage voucher
  9. Babysitting so your friend can have some child free time
  10. Researching relevant support services
  11. A voucher to a separation strategist who can offer guidance, support and direction like a Strategy Session
  12. Being a friend and listening without judgement and allowing your friend to have an emotional download

Anything that you do, big or small, can make a huge difference to your friend.

If you are separating and want some support from your loved ones, share this article with them so they get the hint!

Finally, if you would like to gift your friend some high quality aromatherapy products, Divorce Answered recommends purchasing through this link


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