New Year Resolution: Empowered Speech


New year resolutions are often made and quickly forgotten. I prefer to view resolutions as something to include in my life rather than something to take away. I have had some strange resolutions like flossing daily which was to the delight of my dentist when he learned about it. This year, my resolution is to speak with empowered speech.

Rachael Scharrer, Life Change Counsellor and Separation Strategist, shares her New Year Resolution which expects to make a big difference to those that she speaks with

As a woman, as a mother and as an over-sharer, I wish to become more conscious of the way that I speak. My hope is to lead by example by embracing empowered speech and help everyone become less judgemental of themselves and of others by being aware of how messages are phrased. Empowered speech gives choice and hope. It talks in the positive. It removes the fear and aggression. It immediately expresses gratitude and can disarm a frustrated individual.

Women, in particular, are notorious for apologising. Why is this? Is it because we have been considered the lesser or subservient gender for centuries? Is it an in-built genetic factor that makes is want to please others?

Well, no more this year….

Women are often very critical of themselves and others. Women are referred to as the openly b#*chier, gossiping albeit self-conscious gender.

Many people aren’t aware that what they say is taking away their power and confidence. At the end of this article, you may realise that you too could make some tweaks to the way that you speak….

Why is it that we often tell others what not to do? What to avoid? “Don’t” and “stop” can be such damming and limiting words. It halts any further discussions with its finality.

“Should have”, “could have” and “would have” holds us back and doesn’t allow us to move in a forward-direction. It can be helpful to remember that we made the best choices that we were able to, at the time, with the information and resources available to us.

“Have to” and “need to” removes our free-will and takes away the blessings of our abilities.

Our children can learn a lot from adults, connecting with them, guiding and teaching. Sharing is a blessing and others are fortuitous to hear what is being shared in a constructive, empowered way.

Empowered speech is all accepting, embracing and uplifting. It is about making small, incremental changes to every day conversation and your internalised self-talk. This year, I am trading in my “I am sorry for…” and upgrading it for a “thank you for …” conversation. I will be remembering that I have choice because “I choose to…” and I am blessed to be “able to” with my time, resources and capabilities.

This year, I encourage you to join me in updating your mindset and rise into your power with empowered speech.

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