Modernising The Way We Celebrate Valentine’s Day

With divorce rates on the rise coupled with the inequity of women to men ratios, there are more and more people celebrating Valentine’s Day on their own. If we were as a nation to review the way that we celebrate Valentine’s Day from a ‘couple-exclusive’ occasion and share it with the masses, it would be likened to paying it forward, giving love and sharing the feminine energy.

Besides our partner or girl/boyfriend on Valentine’s Day we could consider:

  1. Single friends
  2. Closest friends and family
  3. The older couple or lonely individuals
  4. Any person who may be experiencing some personal struggles
  5. People who are feeling isolated

So, how can we share the love as individuals, regardless of our marital status? Below are a few suggestions that follow the theme of ‘made with love’:

  1. Write a heart-felt letter to your closest friends about how much you love, appreciate and respect them
  2. In the theme of the day, drop off heart-shaped cupcakes or cookies to your loved ones
  3. Surprise a friend with a wake-up morning coffee
  4. Treat yourself with a beautiful piece of jewellery or a pamper session
  5. Pick flowers from the garden and give a small posy to a friend
  6. If you have children, celebrate Valentine’s Day and your love and appreciation for each other
    1. with a picnic or a special meal together
    2. creating special cards for each other
    3. fill the house with love by burning candles and incense
    4. Create a house dance party – play some fun music up loud and dance!
  7. If you are a single parent with children, invite another single parent-with-children family over for a BBQ.

When I was growing up, my parents didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as a major moment in their year or month. They referred to February 14 as a “Hallmark” (cards) day. They made small gesture of love towards each other and never anything obtuse.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an outwardly consumeristic day. Small gestures to other fellow people will make their heart sing, help them to feel valued and know that someone is thinking of them. If everyone picked one or two people to share a special gesture on Valentine’s Day, our world would be a much happier, considerate and loving community. Together we can all make a change.

So, if you follow the above suggestions and give Valentine’s Day a community focus, when someone asks you “how was Valentine’s Day?” or “Did you get a Valentine?” you will have a resounding “YES!” You will feel like you have done something special, marked the occasion in a unique way and your response will be interesting to the person who asked you the question …


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