Interim Parenting Orders Do Not Lapse

When a judge makes a ruling or order. It can be on an interim (limited time period) basis or a final basis (which is permanent/indefinite). The interim orders stay in place until they are REPLACED by new orders (even when a time period was noted, say 6 months or 12 months). Say, the Judge ruled for supervised contact for 4 months, the supervised contact orders continue indefinitely until the Judge makes another order. Perhaps the Judge creates interim orders for limited contact between a parent and child for 1 months, those orders continue until replaced by new orders (either by consent or by the Judge). Don’t be fooled if your ex-partner tried to convince you that the interim parenting orders have ended, convincing you that now “no rules apply”.

If you want to change the interim parenting orders or final parenting orders, then the parent that isn’t happy with the current status quo needs to lodge for with court for a new mention, an interim hearing or appeal the final parenting orders.

There is always an expense going to court with legal fees, however, sometimes parenting and co-parenting is easier when the rules are clear, each parent knows where they stand and, most importantly, follow the “rules”.


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