Five Ways to Reduce Your Legal Fees

Below are five easy and simple ways to keep your legal fees to a manageable standard

  1. Be self-represented – you become the recipient of all communications and pay for advice of a lawyer as needed. Representing yourself in court will save a lot of money in time “standing around” waiting for a mention. You might like to get another opinion from a lawyer as the process progresses to ensure that you are on the correct path for your situation
  2. Working with your lawyer – Draft your own legal letters and then have the lawyer check it before sending. Be as involved as your lawyer allows you to be and do as much preparation as you can to keep costs down.
  3. Keep notes – Instead of emailing your lawyer things that you should remember, record it in the Divorce Answered Diary app. When you need to recall particular information, instead of relying on your memory, you can depend on the app to be the keeper of details.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff – Having your lawyer write a letter to your ex-partners lawyer about insignificant, minor indiscretions or disagreements is a great waste of time and money. Accept that everyone has a unique perception and opinion. Unless there is a major breach in safety, financial devastation, major change in circumstances or the like, try to reserve your concern for another day – if appropriate, you could add your niggling concern to another letter that is necessary to send.
  5. Be organised and be accountable – Don’t give your legal team any reason to have to “fight fires” because of something you have done. Follow your lawyer’s advice and follow any final or interim orders.

There are many more ways that you can save on legal fees - being proactive and informed allows you to drive your lawyer and divorce. Please refer to the Divorce Answered tools and unique resources for more information


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