Divorce effects employee productivity by over 50%: The effects of divorce on the workplace

Knowing if an employee was expecting to divorce and scheduling it with work deadlines, staffing levels and budgeting for it would be ideal for a business. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen and the effects a divorce has on a workplace is relatively unknown.

Imagine what it is like and how your company would struggle without the cleaner or receptionist for a week without notice? Equally devastating is a manager, supervisor or owner (people in positions of authority) who are either absent or making poor decisions for the company or team.

Rachael Scharrer, Separation Strategist and divorce expert, says that having a figure or value that a divorce costs a business would be incredibly helpful for a business. “If owners were aware, they may invest in offering better support services to their team members. However, there isn’t much research on the quantified cost that divorce has on a business,” shared Ms Scharrer.

Researchers estimate that every ten divorcing employees cost a company more than (USD)$83,000 a year in lost productivity*. This assumes a decline in worker performance of between 50% to 75% as well as time off spent dealing with legal, financial, and psychological issues related to divorce. It also includes an estimated loss of supervisor productivity as a result of time spent dealing with issues of performance and productivity for employees affected by divorce.

Employers, manager, supervisors and colleagues alike all agree that divorce influences the workplace. The table below outlines the effects of divorce on an individual and the corresponding follow-on effects for a business.

There is a silver lining. By creating opportunities for your team members to seek guidance, support and direction during a time of crisis, can create more loyal, productive and present team members.

Your solution as a company is to create connection, sympathy and understanding by offering opportunities for support, strategy and flexibility.

When your team member has a sense of control over their situation and has clarity with their decisions and direction, they will be in a better position to focus on the job that they are being paid to perform. Again, when your team member feels informed, they feel empowered to drive their divorce and direct their lawyer. Your team member will feel confident for having a direction, feeling knowledgeable and

You can achieve this with individual Strategy Sessions.

When people have the right information, an action plan and an understanding of every stage of their divorce, the process doesn’t feel quite as overwhelming or as challenging as first thought.

Your supported divorcee team member can boost morale, restore productivity and support their fellow colleagues. The supported divorcee will return to a state of giving within the business and positively bolster the work community rather than having to take (unscheduled time or declining productivity).

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  • “The Cost of Divorce to Employers”, by Guest Columnist Rosemary Frank, Nashville Business Journal. Based on an average wage of (USD) $19.50/hr


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