Was sharing a bathroom a contributing factor to your divorce?

(Rachael Scharrer, divorce expert and founder of online resource DivorceAnswered.com.au shares her perspective on sharing a bathroom.)

I am clearly a challenging and particular person. I like things tidy and neat (where possible) and even behind the closed doors and inside cupboards.

In an ideal world, I think men, women and their partners should have separate bathrooms (with the children’s mess contained in yet another bathroom). To me, it would be the most harmonious space and a great relationship-saver. However, having a 3+-bathroom home is a little unrealistic in metropolitan areas of Australia.

I believe that we can condition or train our children in the ways of the home. Is it possible to re-train another adult?

The bathroom is one space that gives me the creeps … my biggest annoyances include:

  1. Wet towel on the floor (which then starts to smell)
  2. Dirty clothes left on the floor
  3. Little body hairs around the bathroom, in the shower or on the floor
  4. Residual make up on the bathroom bench or sink
  5. Toothpaste in the bathroom sink
  6. Water on the bathroom floor
  7. Personal mess in or on the toilet – flush, scrub, keep it clean!

Whether it is children or another adult making the mess, it is equally annoying.

So, when I noticed the new man in my life “squeegee-ing” the water off his body before exiting the shower recess, I realised that this must be love! Not only has he paid attention to what irritates me (without me having to point it out), he has made effort to minimise any disruption to the peace of the bathroom and maintain the status quo.

It’s hard to let someone into your little family after it has been broken once before. However, when you see someone making the extra effort, paying attention to the little things in the home and trying to please you, then this may be a person worth keeping around for a little while longer.


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