Creating an achievable resolution in 2018

It is the second day of 2018.

Have you fulfilled and whole-heartedly committed to your resolution for the past 2 days?

Many people may be muttering “no” or “not entirely.”

Often the resolution is unachievable and unobtainable. Why do we ‘reset’ on January 1 and not anytime during the year? Why is it that so many people fail to stick to their resolution for more than a month or two?

You may wish to review your resolution to ensure that the following resolution principals have been applied for optimum success:

  1. Make it relevant to your life
  2. Make it small and achievable
  3. Make it something that you can easily do or implement
  4. Add it to your daily or weekly routine
  5. Tell other people about your resolution so that they can support you and keep you accountable

If you are having to reassess your resolution, it may be worthwhile looking at your resolution a little differently. How about we consider ‘bringing in’ something for the new year?

Let’s plan to do something that could benefit others, like offering time at a charity, school or nursing home.

What about planning to have a more realistic or optimistic outlook on life?

Whether you are newly separated or a bit of an experienced person in divorce, you may choose to work on your divorce. If so, a new year divorce resolution could include:

  1. Resolve to attend to one item on your divorce list every day or week (offering us direction and purpose)
  2. Resolve to not react when you are antagonised by your ex-spouse (offering peace and emotional clarity)
  3. Resolve to not intentionally do something to get a rise out of your ex-spouse (offering drama-free time and space)
  4. Resolve to create more family moments (offering happy memories)
  5. Resolve to eat dinner as a family most nights (or on set nights) of the week (offering clear lines of communication and understanding)
  6. Resolve to make new family traditions (offering happy memories and new practices)
  7. Resolve to make more effort in a particular area of your life (offering a sense of self-accomplishment and self-confidence)
  8. Resolve to dedicate more time to finding your life balance (offering a sense of self-accomplishment and self-fulfilment)

You are worthy of having a resolution that you can easily implement. It is great to have a resolution that you can build upon the following year. It is confidence and morale-boosting to have a resolution that you succeed at.

Reflect upon your life and resolve to value-add because you are amazing, important and worthy.


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