The benefits of Single Parenting

Single parenting – it can be tireless, thankless and exhausting. People often complain about how hard single parenting can be. There is always a silver lining – We can always find the positive in being a single parent. This Single Parent’s Day, March 21, it’s important to look at the benefits of being a single parent and remind yourself repeatedly at how fortunate you are.

21 March marks International Single Parent Day. Here is a small list of advantages that come with being a single parent:

  1. Enjoying adult time-out when your children are with their other parent. You can choose to ‘get ahead’ before the kids return, take time for self-care, embrace hobbies, work harder and longer hours
  2. When you are having child-free time, you can clean the house and feel satisfied that it stays clean and tidy for far more than 5-minutes
  3. Not having to pick-up after or clean for another adult in the house and the extra mess and washing that they create
  4. Being able to watch TV that you want to watch and listen to music that you like without another adult criticising your tastes/preferences
  5. Cooking simpler family meals than you might otherwise if you were cooking for another adult
  6. Being able to ‘hog’ the bed. Enjoy the luxury of being able to take over the full length and width of the bed as you please – be a star-fish, lie diagonally across the bed or curl up – have lots of pillows or none – it’s completely up to you!
  7. Being able to cost-cut and save. We all know that single parenting often involves budgeting. The bonus is that you can budget, allocate funds and hold yourself entirely accountable for the expenditure of the funds
  8. Items don’t mysteriously move around the house (unless you have a toddler). It’s nice knowing that when you put something down, it will be there when you come back to it
  9. Being able to budget the way that you want to and knowing that you are in control of your expenditure
  10. Catching up with people that you like and choose to see. Now you don’t have to see the annoying friends or family of your ex-spouse
  11. Eating chocolate, ice-cream or chips to your hearts content without being criticised
  12. You can parent the children in your preferred style when they are in your care. Let’s face it, you can only control the time that you have with your children and be the best parent that you can be for them
  13. You can choose to move at a pace that you feel like – spend the day in pyjamas, blob on the lounge or choose to be active and energetic. Siesta as you please and be as social as you like, when and as it suits you
  14. After the children go to sleep, this is your time to do whatever you like – call friends, watch a movie that isn’t G or PG, drink a cup of tea while it is still hot, have a friend over or start an at home pamper session.
  15. Flexibility, autonomy and independence with what you are choosing to do with your family, friends and in your own time.
  16. Most importantly, while single parenting, you are able to make memories and savour special quiet moments with your child. The love that you give your little ones comes back to you 10 times over!!

I am sure that when you have the time to stop, recharge and reflect, you know that there are many more benefits of being a single parent than what has been listed above.

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