2019 New year Resolution: Gratitude

Rachael Scharrer, divorce and relationship expert and coach, shares what she is choosing for her 2019 New Year Resolution. It’s relatively simple and can make a big difference to your life.

As we journey through break-up, separation and divorce, there is so much that we feel we are missing out on. Often life feels unfair, challenging and complicated. It becomes so easy to get swallowed up in the negativity. This year, I challenge you to make your New Year Resolution to be ‘gratitude’.

To be grateful means to reflect upon what you have and to appreciate it. You are living an abundant life – while not everyone can have the job of their dreams or live in a mansion with live-in staff, there is so much that you can be thankful for.

You may need to look at the details in your life – like having a hot cup of tea, a car that works well, your health, a job, the song of a nearby bird, the breeze on your face…

You can look to nature to find your gratitude – the birds, bugs and flowers in the garden, the peaceful movement of the leaves on a tree, the blue sky and interesting shapes that the clouds take …

You can look to your ex-spouse and be appreciative for what they offer – a loving parent, a good provider, thanks for the lessons that you have learned from your relationship and the break-up, for the friends that you made while together …

I have had the pleasure of being given a gratitude journal at the end of the year and I intend to use it each day. My challenge, and 2019 resolution, is to write down three things that I have been grateful for each day. I am excited to see what trends and accomplishments that I have made by the end of the year.

Being grateful, thankful and appreciative helps to focus on the abundance (rather than the lack of) in our everyday life. It raises our vibrations, creates a positive outlook and helps to manifest greatness.

Some people are happy simply writing what they are grateful for. Other people like to include daily or weekly affirmations of gratitude. If you are pro-affirmations or want to try some affirmations of gratitude, here are a few for you to start with: • I am grateful for my health, vitality and energy. I am blessed to wake each day, live a life with purpose and be a part of a wonderful community. • I am grateful for my home. It is my sanctuary, safe space and a place that I can be my authentic self. • I am grateful for my friends and family. My loved ones offer me an abundance of support, encouragement and love. • I am grateful for the sun and moon, wind and rain. They are the life-giving forces which help everything to grow, renew and thrive. • I am grateful to my children. They are one of life’s biggest teachers. I have so much to learn from them. I am blessed to have my children and I enjoy making memories each day with them.

Focusing on what you have, helps to create an abundance perspective and a positive attitude. It is a simple reminder that you are a fortunate person, wealthy in love and important to your loved-ones.

Remember, if you need a little support with being mindful and grateful each day, you can access the “Everyday Mindfulness and Gratitude in Divorce” e-book when you login or review other e-books here.

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