The benefits of moving post-separation

Moving at any time in your life can be stressful. Adding children and separation to the mix, the process can become more overwhelming. Divorce Answered generally recommends that people who own their home (solely on title, joint title or if their ex-spouse is the sole name on title) do not move out until legal advice is sought. However, this post is about looking at the benefits and the positives of moving.

Most people in separation tend to downsize their homes due to budgetary restraints or changes in circumstances and needs. As such, it is nearly impossible to keep all of the sentimental items and large furniture in a smaller space with limited storage.

Instead of focusing on the stress and issues with moving, see it as an opportunity for a fresh start and make a few dollars. You could:

  1. Sell online any unwanted items (consider Gumtree, Ebay and the local classifieds)
  2. Purge old belongings. Arrange a council clean up so that you don’t move anything that you don’t need.
  3. Give to charity. Many charitable organisations will take lounges, beds and large furniture which are in good condition. Consider The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, refuges.

Moving allows you to set up new routines and traditions for inside the new home. It’s like an emotional cleanse for the family whereby the negativity and bad memories are left in the previous home. Don’t bring into the new home any poor behaviour, attitudes or routines. You could even write a new set of family rules, just like the Super Nanny! Set up your new home to reflect that harmonious space that it now is. You can bring in happiness through music, oils/diffusers/scents, a money tree, dream catchers, signs with motivational or inspirational phrases or any other symbol that reminds you of how special your new home is. Decorating doesn’t need to be expensive. Proudly display your children’s artwork, all over the house!

Children won’t notice whether their home is full or devoid of furniture. Sleeping on the floor could be like camping. Use your imagination and play! What will make the biggest impression is whether the new home is filled with love and happiness.

Remember, a smaller space means there is less to clean and more affordable utility bills. Fewer pieces of furniture means that there will be less space for you do dump, clutter and collect dust. Less in the house means that there will be more space to roam, dance and play.

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