Self Discovery for Spiritual Enlightenment and Fulfillment

I was recently posed with the thought … Am I manifesting negativity because I don’t have a creative outlet or passion? A true expression of me?

I realised that one of the failings in my life was that I never truly invested in me or found out what my passions are. I have found that learned activities came relatively easily and successfully. While it gave me joy, I now realise that there was never a great personal satisfaction.

I have been blessed with two beautiful, vibrant and healthy children. Somewhere in my life, I got lost as a child, partner, employee, friend and sibling. For the past six years, I have put the majority of my energy into being an advocate for my children; protecting, educating and loving them. More recently, perhaps my motivations have been a little muddled, while the intentions are pure, my subconscious is playing on the negative. I have manifested this ongoing undercurrent of negativity in my life and I need to take positive, gratifying steps to change it.

I believe that people can enjoy life as it is, feel it is great and be content without truly understanding who they are and their life’s plan, passion and mission. Imagine how much more amazing life can be with an even greater joy that could come from being spiritually enlightened, creatively fulfilled and content at the core?? Ecstatic comes to mind! When we focus on consciously fulfilling ourselves, our subconscious creates and attracts the great and wonderful in the world for our ultimate benefit.

For those who are spiritually adrift, where could you find your creative, spiritual passion?

What did you like to do in your youth?

Is there a course that you could take or a book that you could read that could ignite your passions?

Have you taken a moment to meditate, reflect and invest in yourself on the quest to begin your search for enlightenment?

Is it poetry, yoga, writing, surfing, painting, sculpting, dancing, cooking, teaching or massage? So many choices!

Once the journey starts, you will get a feeling of whether you are on the right track or whether you need to try a new path. Sometimes it may be a process of trialling many different things to narrow the field to fulfilment.

We all have teachings and love to share. Imagine how amazing the world could be if we could better connect with those around us in a loving, spiritually informed way…

This is where my journey, a new chapter, begins. I am content with my life and grateful for everyone and everything in it; yet I have a heightened understanding that there is a greater reward waiting for me to discover. While I am itching to find my creative, spiritual outlet, I am optimistic that the voyage will be sensational and my children can only benefit from my true, happier and enlightened self.

I have nothing but love and gratitude to my friend for initiating my thought process… So I ask you, are you spiritually and creatively fulfilled?


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