Auditor General: NSW Energy Rebate Fail

Today (September 19, 2017) in the NSW news, there has been a lot of talk about energy prices following the early September energy price increase. So, if you are a low-income family or pensioner and meet the necessary requirement, then now is the time to start asking for your energy rebate.

According to the Auditor General, the application is too complex and this is evident with many families not reapplying annually (yes, REAPPLYING ANNUALLY!!)

NSW energy rebates for low income households include :

  1. Low Income Household Rebate
  2. Family Energy Rebate
  3. NSW Gas Rebate
  4. Medical Energy Rebate
  5. Life Support Rebate

Other available rebates include:

  1. Appliance Replacement Offer
  2. Energy Blackout Compensation
  3. Energy Accounts Payments Assistance Scheme.

The link to all of the above rebates and assistance visit this LINK

So, to all struggling individuals and families, now is the time for you to apply for the allocated government funds which was intended to support the people who need the financial assistance.


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